A beautiful sunny day walking through Vienna!


Raw goodies all day long, starting at home, walking to Freyung shopping at Simply Raw <3, having lunch at Dancing Shiva, and then dinner back home again!
In the morning we had super yummy banana blueberry pancakes, which dried over night inside our Sedona „oven“.


Afterwards we had a salad rich of green leafes, such as cabbage, fresh hearbes, corn salad and rocket salad. Cleaned hempseeds, cold–presst oils, red pepper, celery, fennel, lime juice, S&P,..

IMG_5638 IMG_5639 IMG_5642 IMG_5645

Macacao instead of coffe and off we go!



Later on …sweets at Simply Raw and Pasta Rawlognese, so tasty!!

In the evening we were blessed by deliciouse cucumber, fresh hearb, parsnip nut –nori rolls!

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