Mixed Salads, Fuits Nuts & Co

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There are no salad recipes, it always depends on what you have.

Try to buy organic, fresh, sun grown and raw fruits, leafs, nuts and seeds.


I love to mix s&p, lemon juice, raw agaven juive, camelina oil, hemp oil and olive oil.

Sometimes I use vinegar or balsamico.

Fruit shakes like raspberry or strawberry dressings are super yummy!

Blend: s&p, lemon juice (1lemon), agaven juice(2tsp), fruits and oils(6tsp)!

All kind of green herbal leaves do harmonize perfectly well with fruits and cold–pressed vegan oils!

Be creative and mix your stuff (organic, wild grown and raw food quality):

Green Leafs:

Rocket salad (Rucola)

Corn salad (Vogerl)

spinach (Spinat)

dandelion (Löwnzahn)

stinging nettle (Brennessel)



Herbal leafs: basilicum, peppermint, sage, thyme, rosemary, stevia (to sweeten the salad;), coriander, ……


Apple, Grapes, Pineapple, Strawberry (keep green leafs), raspberry, blueberry (Omega 3!!!), oranges


Dry Fruits:

Dates, figs, cranberries, mangos, goji!!!, blueberries, apricots, plumbs,….

Nuts: (use raw food quality and if you can soak them for a while 1–5 hours) Brazilian, hazel, almonds, para, macadamia, cashew,…

Seeds: Hemp seeds, brown & golden flaxseeds, sesame, chia seeds, poppy seeds,..

Oils: (cold–pressed)

Flaxseed oil, hemp oil, camelina, olive oil, walnut oil , avocado oil, grape seed oil, argan oil (very yummy but expensive;),…

Grated kakao butter


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